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Worst day. Everr.

So. To begin my spring break, I went to the Biltmore avec ma mere..
Because Pep wouldn't turn on.. and his hard drive made a clicking noise when trying to.
[pep is my vidpod if you haven't gathered that]
I got an appointment at the Genius Bar for 2:20..
and it was noon, so my mom and I went shopping for a while.
Then we had lunch at Steamers.
Around one, we went into Sak's Fifth Avenue,
and saw ELLYCIA HALDEN and Chriselle
AAAHHHH> I LOVE ELLYCIA, and I miss her tons.
[she goes to xavier now]

Next stop was Macy's, but nothing was interesting there,
so I'll just skip to the Apple people.
The guy told me that Pep's hard drive was fried,
and that I must've dropped it or gotten it wet.
I was really offended, because Pepper is my baby.
I never let anyone I don't trust use him,
unless I'm two feet away, watching your every move.
The guy said that I could send it in to be 'recycled'
[cough.they refurbish and resell them.cough]
and get 10% off my next one..
Or I could just all together get a new one.
Then he gave me a card for these 'iResQ' people.
They send you a box, and you send in your iPod and they asses the actual damage,
then they call you up and give you the cost&&repair it.

I'm actually doing that now,
but it'll be like $150 to replace the hard drive..
and it's $250 for a new one..

So I'm not really sure what's going to go down.
But I'm using Pip until it gets figured out.
[my miniii]

Then, I got home around three,
and went to the living room to watch the Bruins//Penguins game.
Because it started at 9:30, and I got up at 10:30.

Well, it wasn't on the damn DVR.
I set it to tape, but it aparantly didn't.
I was so upset..
I don't really know why..
Its a really stupid thing to get mad about,
but they did win 5-0 and Sidney scored two of those five goals..
I had to watch Sports Center for literally an hour to see it on the highlights.

Ohh well.
I'm going to Arizona Mills in a few minutes.
Just thought I'd do a quick update
so I don't have to when I'm uber tired.




September 2011

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