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So it's currently 2:45 am, and I'm wide awake.
Everyone else is sleeping..
But I'm a night owl.
Okay.. Probably an insomniac.
I sit up and read or write..
I'd usually go through Pep on shuffle until I was tired and slept,
but since he hasn't come back yet..
I don't have that comfort.
[though pip should suffice]

I went to the mall with Farger tonight for our 'Friday night at PV'
I swear  I saw a kid that looked just like Mac..
Then I realized he was about twelve years old.

We rented The Departed...
yay for Leo DiCaprio.
He makes me smile...
Not just his looks.
His movies.
I love Titanic, Catch Me if You Can, The Aviator, Gangs of New York...

You know what I noticed today??
I have big lips.
Well, I've known that for ever, but I didn't really realize it.
Someone said to me a while ago that  I have 'Brendon Urie lips'
Which kindof weirded me out..
But it was stil a form of a compliment.. right?

I'm extremely bored, and need something to do with my life.
I spend my days sitting around the house playing Playstation or watching TV.
I don't get out as much as I should.
I don't exercise regularly..
[meaning never]
I eat junk food.
[and lots of it]
and I'm too uncoordinated to play sports.
[used to play soccer and volleyball]

Maybe I should get a job soon..
Farger was telling me that he thinks I should get a summer job..
But I can't drive anywhere alone until this coming December.
He's like 'oh well work at the new Chik-fil-a they're building. you can walk there'
Yeah. I'll just eat everything in sight.
Like Rolie needs that.
So he sugguested Best Buy or Coldstone.

The thing is-- I was offered a job at the Coach store at Fashion Square a while ago.
So I'm gonna apply there, but not for the summer or whatever.
When I need a steady job, it's either Coach or J. Crew.
[the latter being more probable. the majority of my wardrobe is from there]

It sucks that I can't wait tables or hostess for my mom..
She manages a resturaunt, but it's nepotisim or something..
Employing your own children.
But whatever.
I practically grew up there.
If you ever need a job, talk to me. Kay?

It's three am now.
It's Saturday.
I've got two days of break left..
and it sucks.

Perhaps I'll get out and do something today..
The Tempe Music Festival is going on..
Or I could see a movie.. or SOMETHING>>

Oh well.
I'm gonna go read or something of that nature.




September 2011

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