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Sep. 26th, 2011



I haven't updated this in so long. It's amazing to see how much I've changed over the last few years.

I love that I still listen to Panic! at the Disco. :)

Dec. 4th, 2007


Future Record Producer.

That's right.
Music is my calling.
I've got a unique taste.
I don't stick to one particular type.
I hate rap, country and hippie/folk.
I know what's going on in the world.
I tend to go to lots of shows;
and I don't buy band shirts unless I go to a show.
Arctic Monkeys don't count. Their shirts were thirty bucks.
But still.
I understand music and how it's made.
I get what needs to happen.
It's just a matter of who you've got on your side..
and how bad they want you to succeed.
That's where I'll come in.

Ohhh well.
That's for the future.

My birthday [sixteenth] is on SATURDAY.
I'm Sidney Vancouver bound.
and I cannot wait.
It's exciting.
I've got everything planned.
Ughhh. I wish the week would go by faster.

Driving is scary.
I'm not sure how I feel about it.
I enjoy driving the Passat.
But I loathe the G35.
It makes me sad that it's so sensitive.

I'm bored.
So I'm gonna go watch some television and listen to Brendon Urie.
He's pretty much love. <3


Sep. 4th, 2007


School bites

so as the thing above says.
school truly bites the big one.
im taking;;
english IIH
french III
world history ap.

Ohhh joyous.
It's super annoying and hard.

School has been tiresome, and its only the start of the fourth week.
=[ =[ =[
I miss summer.

I've been superrr busyyyy and it makes me pretty sad.
Conrad Davis makes me want to throw myself off a cliff.
Not cool, man.

Lets see.

Not much has really happened since.

Warped tour was amazinnnggggg.
Projekt Revolution was supaahh cool.
I went to Disneyland in July.
Sidney's birthday was super funnn too. I celebrated. =]

My dad broke his hip and chipped his elbow today.
Like always he wasn't looking where he was walking, and tripped.

I'm at Catherine's house now, and so I'm gonna go to bed.

Laterrrr days.

Jul. 7th, 2007


Summer update.

So I've seriously been meaning to update this.
I really have.
Not even kidding.

Summer's been boring, basically.
Here's some highlights:

Catherine moved on June 29th.
--one of the worst, most sad days of my life.
I went to Nogales, Mexico for three hours.
--scariest day of my life.
I saw the Prestige.
--very good movie. must say.
My Farger got a new car.
--a red infiniti G35. its a bamf.

Here are some things I'm doing in the next few weeks:
with Mia.
In.. almost three days
Supposedly the last two weeks of July.
August first.. with Mia.

And that's basically my summerrr.
I haven't done jack shit.
I've sat on my lazy ass all day.
Playing Guitar Hero and catching up on Supernatural.

Oh.. And two days ago, my brother pushed me off of our parents bed.
I got seriously bad rug burns.
Not very fun. =[

So that's about it..
I'm making it a goal to post more.

Off to make stickers for my guitar.

Oh. and my icon makes me laugh.
Yay for Friends.
I <3 Chandler.


May. 15th, 2007




Sunday I got a new Vidpod..
His name is Pop.
Since Pep was unable to be revived..

Let's all have a moment of silence for him.



Now. This one is mucho different.
I can adjust the brightness of movies and stuff I've never seen before.
I was sitting there going "WHAT? PEP NEVER DID THIS!!"
Plus-- It came with a black slip instead of a white one..

So. Fucking Buffalo..
I refuse to call them Buffalo now.
They're FUCKING Buffalo.
They lost their third game in a row.
If they lose tomorrow night..
Fucking Ottawa will be in the finals.

Anaheim lost to Fucking Detroit tonight..
It was 5 - 0 with 11 minutes left when I turned it off.
I hate Detroit with a fricking passion..
So if its Detroit v. Ottawa..
I just wont even bother to watch the Stanley Cup.

Sidney's gonna win MVP.
I mean.. who WOULDN'T want him to win?
He deserves it for how he's affected his team..
They even offered him $89 million for ten years with the Pens..
But he's going to turn it down.
A kid his age shouldn't be attached to a team for 10 years.
He needs to get around and play with different people.
Plus.. I don't want to live in Pittsburgh forever after we get married.

If you don't get it. Then you obviously don't know me as well as you thought you did.

I don't really know what else to say here.
I'm still pwning at Guitarhero.
I heard that in July/August a new expansion will be out.
But only for Playstation.
It's songs from the EIGHTIES!
Gotta love it.
=] =] =]

I'm gonna go watch House.
Cause Hugh Laurie is the shit.

You know..
My mom was like "How do you say House's real last name?"
So I said it, and she said, "If I married him.. I'd be Lori Laurie"
[they're pronounced the same]
Then I cracked up..
But I always tell her that I want her to marry Mike Rowe
[after we send dad to the old home]
Because if you say his name really fast..
It's micro
Plus.. Natalie and I love him and Dirty Jobs.


May. 12th, 2007



Buffalo lost again to Ottawa.
They now lead 2-0 in the series..
Making me a very sad girl.
=[ =[ =[

On the other hand..
I'm babysitting.
Which isn't new.

It's not like I dont like it, its a source of cashola.
But I'd rather spend my Saturday nights doing something else

I was playing Crash Bandicoot, Warped, one of the best games of the 90's.
But now I feel like playing Tony Hawk's American Wasteland..
Because I'm bored out of my mind..

Perhaps I'll go do that, and update more on life later.
Ohh, and check out Indie_Exchange.livejournal.com

It rocks.

More about Fiddlestix and all that jazz later on tonight.
I'm gonna be up late.

Apr. 6th, 2007


The Departed

I'm at Catherine's house
We're watching the Departed..
It's quite interesting actually.
I rented it to just watch Leo DiCaprio..
but it's so much more.

We're going to start Podcasting.
There's a thing about it in some mail I got from Radioshack.
So that's what we'll be up to tonight.. most likely

Also on an extremely good note.
[thanks to catherine's mad ipod skillzz]
Actually she just hit it a few times and it worked.

Today I found like ten hockey channels I've NEVER seen before.
Cox channels 670 to 679,
It's pretty intense actually.
Tomorrow afternoon there's a Pens game on the channel,
so I'm DVRing it.
=] =] =]

Ohohoh. So I was watching the Sabres/Pens game from Wednesday,
and my Hubby said "Yeah, it'll be pretty intense"
My catch phrase.
Hehehe. Just one more thing we have in common.

As The World Turns -- my soap opera
has gotten really strange.
There's hookers//porn stars
Druggies [pills and crack]
People who are supposed to be dead, but aren't.
Kids who have sex.. a lot.
Bulimic kids.. and so much more.
It's weird..
but you gotta love the soap.

Awh.. Leo's adorable.

Mud pie is good.
Christine brought some home.
er well. To her house.
But I was there,
so I got to eat it too.
Very good,
seeing as it's Chart House mud pie.
Though their Creme Brulee is mucho mucho better.
They've got good cheesecake too.
Well. Okay.
All their food is pretty good.

I'm gonna finish watching the Departed.


Mar. 31st, 2007



So it's currently 2:45 am, and I'm wide awake.
Everyone else is sleeping..
But I'm a night owl.
Okay.. Probably an insomniac.
I sit up and read or write..
I'd usually go through Pep on shuffle until I was tired and slept,
but since he hasn't come back yet..
I don't have that comfort.
[though pip should suffice]

I went to the mall with Farger tonight for our 'Friday night at PV'
I swear  I saw a kid that looked just like Mac..
Then I realized he was about twelve years old.

We rented The Departed...
yay for Leo DiCaprio.
He makes me smile...
Not just his looks.
His movies.
I love Titanic, Catch Me if You Can, The Aviator, Gangs of New York...

You know what I noticed today??
I have big lips.
Well, I've known that for ever, but I didn't really realize it.
Someone said to me a while ago that  I have 'Brendon Urie lips'
Which kindof weirded me out..
But it was stil a form of a compliment.. right?

I'm extremely bored, and need something to do with my life.
I spend my days sitting around the house playing Playstation or watching TV.
I don't get out as much as I should.
I don't exercise regularly..
[meaning never]
I eat junk food.
[and lots of it]
and I'm too uncoordinated to play sports.
[used to play soccer and volleyball]

Maybe I should get a job soon..
Farger was telling me that he thinks I should get a summer job..
But I can't drive anywhere alone until this coming December.
He's like 'oh well work at the new Chik-fil-a they're building. you can walk there'
Yeah. I'll just eat everything in sight.
Like Rolie needs that.
So he sugguested Best Buy or Coldstone.

The thing is-- I was offered a job at the Coach store at Fashion Square a while ago.
So I'm gonna apply there, but not for the summer or whatever.
When I need a steady job, it's either Coach or J. Crew.
[the latter being more probable. the majority of my wardrobe is from there]

It sucks that I can't wait tables or hostess for my mom..
She manages a resturaunt, but it's nepotisim or something..
Employing your own children.
But whatever.
I practically grew up there.
If you ever need a job, talk to me. Kay?

It's three am now.
It's Saturday.
I've got two days of break left..
and it sucks.

Perhaps I'll get out and do something today..
The Tempe Music Festival is going on..
Or I could see a movie.. or SOMETHING>>

Oh well.
I'm gonna go read or something of that nature.


Mar. 29th, 2007


HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Pep is ALIVE!!
The iResQ people called today.
Apparently they took Pepper apart, and then put him back together..
and he worked!!
So they're sending him back and hopefully he'll be home tomorrow.

Ahh. That just totally made my week
Plus the fact that I FINALLLLYYYY beat stupid Xaldin on Kingdom Hearts 2 the other night..
After months of trying and failing.
[not day after day.. but every week or so I'd try for the hell of it]
Now I can't stop.
I'm almost done with the game.
I'm so glad I don't suck at life.

Well. My week's been pretty uneventful.
I haven't hung out with anyone like I wanted to.
I stayed at home and either slept or played KH2.
But tomorrow I really want to go out and DO something.
I need some new tunes too..
How's the new FOB CD?
I never really caught on to the whole
But they're decent.
Not attractive..
But decent sounding..?

Today is Adam's birthday.
Too bad he's in Australia.
I would've made him cookies or something.

I commented him though, so I don't feel horrible.
=] =] =]

I don't really have much else to say..
The Pens are in first place of their division now..
Hubby got three assists tonight.

If you've got music suggestions, go ahead and comment them to me.
I'll totally look.
[no joke.]


Mar. 26th, 2007


Worst day. Everr.

So. To begin my spring break, I went to the Biltmore avec ma mere..
Because Pep wouldn't turn on.. and his hard drive made a clicking noise when trying to.
[pep is my vidpod if you haven't gathered that]
I got an appointment at the Genius Bar for 2:20..
and it was noon, so my mom and I went shopping for a while.
Then we had lunch at Steamers.
Around one, we went into Sak's Fifth Avenue,
and saw ELLYCIA HALDEN and Chriselle
AAAHHHH> I LOVE ELLYCIA, and I miss her tons.
[she goes to xavier now]

Next stop was Macy's, but nothing was interesting there,
so I'll just skip to the Apple people.
The guy told me that Pep's hard drive was fried,
and that I must've dropped it or gotten it wet.
I was really offended, because Pepper is my baby.
I never let anyone I don't trust use him,
unless I'm two feet away, watching your every move.
The guy said that I could send it in to be 'recycled'
[cough.they refurbish and resell them.cough]
and get 10% off my next one..
Or I could just all together get a new one.
Then he gave me a card for these 'iResQ' people.
They send you a box, and you send in your iPod and they asses the actual damage,
then they call you up and give you the cost&&repair it.

I'm actually doing that now,
but it'll be like $150 to replace the hard drive..
and it's $250 for a new one..

So I'm not really sure what's going to go down.
But I'm using Pip until it gets figured out.
[my miniii]

Then, I got home around three,
and went to the living room to watch the Bruins//Penguins game.
Because it started at 9:30, and I got up at 10:30.

Well, it wasn't on the damn DVR.
I set it to tape, but it aparantly didn't.
I was so upset..
I don't really know why..
Its a really stupid thing to get mad about,
but they did win 5-0 and Sidney scored two of those five goals..
I had to watch Sports Center for literally an hour to see it on the highlights.

Ohh well.
I'm going to Arizona Mills in a few minutes.
Just thought I'd do a quick update
so I don't have to when I'm uber tired.


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